GaryIreland Law will help you negotiate a busines contract an complex transactions.

Attorney for Small
Businesses & Entrepreneurs

  • Starting, expanding or selling a business
  • Hiring employees, letting someone go?
  • Joining with another business or professional organization?
  • Negotiating complex business transactions?

As a small business owner himself, Gary Ireland works to understand your challenges, and will assist you to maximize your business opportunities in smart, efficient and innovative ways. He can help you in starting, expanding, or selling your business by handling all related issues, including human resources planning and disputes, as well as negotiating complex business transactions. From helping your protect intellectual properties and patents to developing employee handbooks, he is attuned to the needs of the entrepreneur.

Gary is trusted counsel to many businesses and families and works with a vetted network of colleagues to offer exceptional, specific services in corporate transactions and other business-related enterprises.


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We can help you with your employment contracts when starting, expanding or sellinga business.